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A multi-system, multidisciplinary, person centred, cognitive behavioural approach to recovery for complex injuries or disorders; therapies to complement several areas of expertise and experience to get the best results.
Rehab Programmes
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Our Physiotherapists and MSK experts offer a range of specialist occupational rehabilitation programmes.

The musculoskeletal rehabilitation and acute physiotherapy treatment services aim to support everyone back to a better quality of life and achieve a return to work from absence.
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Effective therapies and exercise programmes

Effective rehabilitation programmes for musculoskeletal diseases and disorders often require a multidisciplinary team to complement several areas of expertise and experience to achieve the best results. We have coordinated experts and specialists from across our physiotherapy and rehabilitation team to focus on purpose-built programmes with a person-centred, cognitive behavioural approach to recovery for complex injuries, MSK disorders or neurological conditions. Therapies and exercise programmes recommended by the clinicians are designed to improve physical activity and can be adapted to replicate work tasks for cases involving injured workers for example or where neurological conditions impact the workplace.


For the employer

Physio Solutions specialist expertise in rehabilitation techniques and biopsychosocial approaches allows us to commit to improving the health of employees. We are able to advise regarding long-term working capabilities whilst supporting the recovery of your employee by utilising robust condition-specific rehabilitation services. This focus on a return to physical health will reduce ongoing absence and improve performance and function at work.

For the manager

Our services provide reassurance that your team members are receiving the best form of rehabilitation and support for their specific condition, based on the physical activity involved with specific work task requirements. We report on working capabilities, restrictions, and long-term prognoses to provide managers with information and advice. Timely access to appropriate support and specific rehabilitation from our experts can help maintain attendance and performance at work and achieve an effective and sustained return to work from absence.

For the employee

Our physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialists are able to create a personal rehabilitation plan to support specific conditions and injuries. We focus on the individuals’ goals and needs by treating holistically, combining a tailored exercise programme with support and guidance around work tasks and physical activity. We are committed to enhancing wellbeing, aiding recovery, and quality of life.

We adopt a cognitive behavioural approach to focus on resolving the physical issues and psychological barriers to recovery.

These intensive rehabilitation physiotherapy programmes require interaction and commitment to achieve results, therefore the scheduling of therapeutic sessions is carefully planned to motivate and encourage active participation and engagement through to the successful completion of the programme. These programmes are more intricate than traditional physiotherapy intervention and consequently achieve significantly more functionally difficult outcomes.

We have developed a series of bespoke, individual, and dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes that can be delivered either in person or remotely via secure video link and have the capability to deliver effective group programmes.

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Rehabilitation Programmes FAQs

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a form of support that takes a “whole-person approach” to both mental and physical health and wellbeing that can enable individuals to achieve their full potential at home and work. OT may include a form of physical rehabilitation where appropriate. PAM Physio Solutions deliver physical rehabilitation programmes which include a person-centred approach to physical activity, exercise and returning a person to independent activity.

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