Long COVID Rehabilitation Programme

The Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Plan will endeavour to improve the quality of life of the individual suffering from the symptoms of Long COVID.
Long Covid Rehabilitation
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Holistically managing the symptoms of Long COVID

The Long COVID Rehabilitation Plan will endeavour to improve the quality of life for employees suffering from the symptoms of Long COVID, specifically shortness of breath, fatigue, and muscle pain.
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Long COVID is an increasingly recognised condition.

Causing those affected to experience symptoms ranging from fatigue and breathlessness to loss of taste and brain fog. With the NHS under pressure and symptoms typically lasting in excess of 8-12 weeks, employees can feel left to cope alone, which can result in long-term absence, putting pressure on colleagues to cover their work.


For the employer

The Long COVID Rehabilitation Programme can assist employees to return to work effectively, efficiently and successfully by delivering a tailored programme of structured rehabilitation over a six session programme. The aim is to promote the sustained improvement and management of long-term health and wellbeing throughout the ongoing period of recovery.

For the manager

Managers can be confident that team members are able to access high quality, efficient and evidence-based support and the most clinically steadfast treatments to aide recovery and achieve a return to work. Expert guidance and advice from the PAM specialists can also provide reassurance and support for managers to help them manage their team effectively.

For the employee

By identifying the physical limitations and symptoms, we can deploy strategies and techniques to improve quality of life. The main objective of this programme is to overcome limitations and manage symptoms effectively. Our multi-disciplinary team will design a bespoke programme covering nutrition, anxiety, psychological difficulties, and mindfulness training alongside physical issues such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and muscle pain.

The Physiotherapists and MSK experts at PAM Physio Solutions combine the expertise, support, and practical information.

This allows the participants to engage with the most clinically appropriate activities to manage their Long COVID symptoms.

Each programme is specifically designed to encourage the employee to apply their new knowledge, confidently, to independently sustain safe and effective management of their condition through to optimal recovery.

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