Pre & Post-surgery Rehabilitation Programmes

Our Pre & Post-surgery Rehabilitation Programmes can guide your employee and provide specific prescription exercises.
Rehabilitation programmes
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Rehabilitation Programmes

Poor musculoskeletal conditioning before orthopaedic surgery, including reduced movement or strength and any evident swelling or muscle atrophy is highly likely to interfere with post-surgical recovery and rehabilitation. Ultimately, the fitter that you are pre-surgery, the more rapidly and better you will recover post-surgery.
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Bespoke rehabilitation programmes

PAM Physio Solutions’ experienced, expert rehabilitators will assess individual employee symptoms and functional deficits and the purpose of the planned or undertaken surgery to ensure optimisation of the desired outcomes.

A bespoke programme would be developed and planned, in agreement with the employee and delivered either in groups, 1-2-1 or remotely, depending on the approach that would have the most positive effect for the individual. Programmes target mobility, function and pain reduction through strength and conditioning, flexibility, and movement correction to improve muscle function and joint integrity.


For the employer

Pre- and post-surgery rehabilitation programmes tailored to the specific needs of the individual and designed to facilitate a more rapid recovery and an effective return to work and full duties. These programmes can help to achieve a sustained return to work and prevent lengthy absence.

For the manager

PAM Physio Solutions rehabilitation specialists would collaborate with management to understand the job role and discuss the work capacity of the employee, considering appropriate temporary reasonable adjustments to facilitate an effective, sustainable, and successful return to work.

For the employee

Delivered by MSK experts, our Physio Solutions pre-and post-surgery rehabilitation programmes are designed to be unique to the employees’ individual situation, presentation, and personal and professional goals alongside the bespoke requirements of their working role. This promotes the most efficient recovery from symptoms and surgery, enabling a return to desired activity levels, quality of life and function.

Our focus is to support the employee to achieve the quickest recovery and return to healthy activities and best quality of life as possible.

In addition, we can identify, recommend, and supply appropriate equipment, mobility aids, devices and/or furniture for the employee, and can provide training and instruction on how this specialist equipment should be used.

Post-surgery, the treating Surgeon will have provided advice to the individual regarding how quickly rehabilitation can begin. Waiting lists can be lengthy and session delivery can vary depending on locality and NHS demand. Following proven guidelines of care deigned by the healthcare professions, we will ensure maximal rehabilitation in terms of strength and movement restoration.

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Pre & Post-surgery Rehabilitation FAQs

The stronger and healthier any person is pre-surgically, the quicker and more easily they will recover from their surgery and rehab post-surgically improves their recovery rate from their surgery.
Rehabilitation post-surgically is multifactorial; it depends on the type of surgery, how it actually went, how restricted, fit or healthy someone was before their surgery, and if there were any complications or unexpected outcomes. It is impossible to know how long rehab is expected to take until rehab is initiated. Our role is to ensure that your rehab is delivered as quickly as possible post-surgery to maximise improvement outcomes and reduce any residual or long-term symptoms, getting you back to being as fit as possible, as quickly as possible.
Rehabilitation programmes are specific to individual needs and respond to restrictions and barriers to recovery and function that are caused by more complex and potentially chronic musculoskeletal and medial/clinical needs. Therefore, there are countless types of rehabilitation programmes and specialisms. PAM Physio Solutions are lucky enough to have expertise within our team to support the most common of these requirements UK-wide.

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