Absence Management

Understanding your workplace needs and culture to deliver Absence Management Strategies by working collaboratively and delivering clear, realistic advice and recommendations.
Absence Management
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Managing attendance and reducing absence

Physio Solutions absence management strategies are available to help organisations, plan, manage, and resolve employee absences that are due to poor musculoskeletal (MSK) health.
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Fast and effective interventions

We adopt an early intervention approach that ensures, in every instance, that appropriate treatment or therapy is introduced as early as possible to accelerate the recovery process and reduce periods of absence.


For the employer

We are committed to improving your MSK absence rates by supporting your referred employees back to their fullest health and functionality as quickly as possible.

For the manager

Access to bespoke, personalised and professional advice regarding absence will have a positive effect on the MSK health of workforces, in terms of staff retention, heightened morale and increased productivity.

For the employee

Reassurance that work activities will not cause derogatory affects to your injury or condition and open and honest, informative discussion around appropriate material, guidance and resources to boost self-care and avoid the risks of further injury before a return to work and whilst in the work environment.

Our online platform, OHIO, provides a central secure hub for your employee health records.

OHIO is the central repository for managers to refer employees, book appointments, obtain reports, and gain access to management information. By using our online appointment scheduling tool, case tracking, KPI monitoring and automatic email and text message alerts, all service activity can be transparently managed and monitored.
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Absence Management FAQs

An employee may be referred to Occupational Health for a number of reasons:

  • Long or frequent short-term absence
  • Work performance concerns
  • Anticipated absence such as surgical procedure
Our referral service involves a clinical consultation with your employee which may last up to 45 minutes, to discuss any musculoskeletal health issues or concerns they may have. We use our professional clinical knowledge, expertise, understanding of your workplace and our extensive evidence-based learning, to provide a report that addresses diagnostic findings, prognosis, barriers to work and other related factors to ensure the best clinical outcomes.
The role of our dedicated MSK experts is to deliver value to help you as an employer and support physical health optimisation for your employees. Our Management Advice reports are health improvement and return to work focused delivering a fitness for work and function outcome in a clear and succinct manner.

Our reports will advise regarding fitness for contracted roles, potential recommendations for temporary or permanent restrictions, as operationally feasible, with clear and pragmatic timeframes and guidance, or discuss long-term difficulties which may require addressing by your organisational management team.

Our MSK Management Referrals Service allow you to receive specialist advice and information regarding purely musculoskeletal conditions or issues in the same format that you would expect to receive medical advice and information.

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