Workplace Risk Assessment and Ergonomic Review

Intensive analysis of workplace practices, driving improvement, change and collaboration.
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Workplace Ergonomic Assessment (WpEA) supports employees by analysing and reducing health risks related to the job role.

Workplace Risk Assessment include Data Analysis and Ergonomic Review provide an intensive analysis of workplace practices, driving improvement, change and collaboration.
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A WpEA is an ergonomic assessment of ‘Applied Ergonomics’ or the design of a task.

In these assessments, we are not individually assessing or examining an employee, but the role itself, which may involve several different tasks and be completed by multiple team members within the organisation.


For the employer

A WpEA is a way to identify and reduce the potential risks associated with working and can help ensure that organisations meet their statutory responsibilities for employee Health & Safety. We can identify and evaluate the risks of back problems, repetitive strain injuries, or upper limb injuries, which are the most common work-related MSK issues in the UK.

For the manager

The WpEA provides guidance on suitable workplace adjustments, mitigating the risk of musculoskeletal injury and improving workplace practices. Our PAM MSK Ergonomic Specialists will be developing an understanding of workforce education by liaising with organisational managers, trainers and workforce members and reiterating and enforcing good work practices, assisting with staff wellbeing by promoting positive work habits and behaviours, reduced sickness absence and improved productivity.

For the employee

The assessment can identify ways to improve the working environment to make it more comfortable and reduce the risk of developing or exacerbating musculoskeletal disorders whilst working, using the correct techniques and good work practices, and potentially access to ergonomic equipment and functional tools.

A WpEA is used to address the design of a task.

For example, a job role may involve the simple task of transferring liquid into a barrel in a factory and then moving that barrel to a warehouse.

The single task is comprised of several separate activities, each element poses a specific ergonomic challenge, and the task must be completed by multiple people of varying builds, abilities and physical competency.

The WpEA will assess the role in full, broken down into separate tasks to identify any risk factors, what those risk factors relate to in terms of potential injury and how to overcome the risk of injury for the majority workforce.

We consider our WpEA’s to be pro-active workplace assessments of workforce analysis and best practices.

We adopt a methodical, step-by-step approach to completing them comprising three key elements:

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Workplace Ergonomic Assessment FAQs

A Workplace Ergonomic Assessment is an assessment of a particular task, without specifically addressing one single user, but rather considering the whole workforce.
There are three broad domains of ergonomics, which are the physical, the organisational and the cognitive. All are interlinked and whist we deal with the physical, this has positive effects on the cognitive and the organisational.
By law, employers must minimise the risks of the ill health of their employees. But more importantly, employees that are comfortable at work will be more productive and more likely to stay at work and stay with the company that employs them.

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