Gender Pay Reporting 2019

At People Asset Management we fully believe in supporting all colleagues with the organisation to receive a competitive earnings package. We fully believe in equality and salary and earnings are based on qualifications and experience for different job types.

PAM’s mean gender pay gap is 16.73% and its median gender pay gap is 0.00%. The UK national averages are 8.6% and 17.9% respectively. We are pleased to be below the national average for the median range, but recognise that there is more for us to do and we are committed to continuing to work to reduce the gap for the mean figures to match that of our median figures.

We are a 79% female organisation and women are well represented across our entire structure at every level. We have a high representation of women in our senior leadership team, including our Executive Team Level.

​Our gender pay gap arises from two key factors. First, there are fewer men working in the lower to upper middle quartiles as the industry is a predominantly female led sector. Second, we have more men than women working in certain specialist and technical roles, which attract higher rates of pay than other roles at similar levels of seniority.

​PAM concentrate on recruiting the right person for the role, and will continue in this way. We also encourage the promotion of internal candidates as opposed to looking external to support our colleagues to develop within the organisation. We have a number of female colleagues as part of our Executive and Senior Management team that initially joined the business at an entry level or mid-level role and have developed through various levels in the organisation and we will continue to promote this type of growth and development.

​The steps we are taking to address this and ensure we lead by example include but are not limited to:
  • Reviewing our recruitment practices to understand why we fail to attract men into our more junior roles
  • Continue to try to attract more females into specialist and technically based roles
  • Using gender data and evidence to inform our priorities for action
PAMs report for the snapshot date of 5th April 2018:
  • Mean Gender Pay Gap – 16.73 %
  • Median Gender Pay Gap – 0%
  • % Women received a bonus – 10.9 %
  • % Men received a bonus 5.39%
  • Difference in Bonus Pay
    • Mean – 82%
    • Median – 93.75%
Pay quartiles by gender:
Gender Pay Gap data
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