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Physio Solutions provide a wide range of MSK services to a large variety of business sectors, with varying clinical delivery needs.
Occupational Physiotherapy

We can support your business with a range of service delivery options

We offer a flexible approach to service provision, incorporating a choice of delivery methods, tailored to your business and employee requirements.

On-site Clinics

We can deliver fixed, regular, and highly organised clinics from your premises, driving MSK support that is directly accessible to your workforce.
On site delivery methods
Clinic locations


Physio Solutions clinics are fully equipped and available for use. We provide access to a large, established physiotherapy network, covering the whole of the UK as well as a managed community service with over 600 independent associates.


Physio Solutions musculoskeletal (MSK) experts have been delivering remote services since 2010. We are experienced in this type of clinical delivery and have the experience and capabilities to deliver effective, quick solutions by applying this method of support where clinically appropriate.
Remote Delivery Methods
Delivery Methods

Secure Video Conferencing

For medically complex cases, Physio Solutions offer remote consultations via Secure Video Conferencing (SVC) as an integrated feature of our OHIO system, making our services more accessible and simpler to connect with.

By using this method, our Physiotherapists can carry out their Initial Assessment (IA) and subsequent follow-up sessions in a face-to-face, technology-enabled way. Our system is secure and has been developed for healthcare purposes. SVC is a powerful tool for the delivery of a variety of Occupational Physiotherapy and Specialist MSK services, meaning that service can be provided quickly, safely, effectively, and conveniently directly to the workplace or home environment.

Physio Solutions also uses SVC for specialist case conferences where collaboration with HR, Referring Managers, and our expert clinicians are required to discuss complex cases in a simple, one-to-one format, remotely.

As with teleconsultation, SVC appointments are provided were determined clinically appropriate after conducting triage for every referral, whether self or manager generated.

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A team of committed expert Physiotherapists & Rehabilitation Specialists are here to support you.
As well as our onsite and remote services, PAM Physio also operates throughout a number of clinics around the UK.

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