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Helping people to live well with persistent pain by developing strategies to manage the associated effects and distress.
Persistent pain programme
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Rehabilitation treatment services for chronic, debilitating, and persistent pain conditions.

The Physiotherapists and MSK experts at PAM Physio Solutions provide rehabilitation treatment services for chronic, debilitating, and persistent pain conditions, that help people who experience persistent pain to live well by developing personal strategies to manage the effects and distress of their condition.
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We focus on improving quality of life

Our specialist team of chronic pain rehabilitation experts are qualified in a broad range of clinical disciplines with experience of supporting people living with persistent, chronic pain. We focus on improving quality of life by helping people/individuals to understand and effectively manage their pain and also any associated psychological impact.


For the employer

We reinforce the concept that routine and work are positive pain management strategies, and our programmes instil proactive self-management measures to counteract chronic pain. These fast-track programmes aim to empower the individual and support a reduction in absence as well as a return to a fuller, less pain inhibited lifestyle.

For the manager

Our therapists will provide physical resources, strategies, and coping mechanisms, not to necessarily ‘cure’ the condition, but to help the individual to become more tolerant of and to encourage activity and productivity despite their pain.

For the employee

Gaining insight and understanding of pain helps to manage the condition and experience a significantly improved quality of life. By teaching how to manage pain effectively, we can help to increase activity levels and reduce the experience of intense pain so that is not such an influencing factor in lifestyle, work, or behaviours.

Every Persistent Pain Programme is designed to improve quality of life for the individual, so all interventions are specifically related to their personal activity levels, fatigue, and strategies for coping with pain.

Defined by NICE as “pain that persists or recurs for longer than 3 months”, persistent pain is an increasingly recognised problem, causing those affected to experience symptoms ranging from joint pain, muscle aches, fatigue, exhaustion, sleep problems, loss of stamina and flexibility, mood problems and isolation. With the NHS under increasing pressure and persistent pain being an ongoing, long-term, debilitating condition, participants often feel they are coping alone, which can result in a long-term absence.

Poorly managed long-term or degenerative pain conditions can have a detrimental impact on the individual therefore it is important to ensure a thorough assessment is completed, and a management plan is devised and put into action. Physio Solutions Pain Management Rehabilitation Programmes adopt a multidisciplinary approach which means that we develop our solutions in collaboration with our in-house physicians, wellness experts and psychological professionals. The result is the development of personalised programmes, underpinned by the clinical evidence and excellence we have at our disposal.

Physio Solutions Persistent Pain Programmes combine the clinical support and practical information necessary for participants to adopt the preferred and clinically researched Best Practice approach, including the Cognitive Behavioural and Person-Centred Model for long-term, intensive management. Each programme is designed to encourage the participant to apply the knowledge provided by their MSK expert confidently to independently sustain safe and effective management of their condition through to maximum self-empowerment.

It should be noted that this Persistent Pain Management Programme is specifically designed around musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

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