Restrictive Intervention Assessment

Ensuring the physical safety of your employees, their colleagues’ and the service users in their care, when required to perform a full range of restrictive intervention techniques.
restrictive intervention assessment
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Restrictive Intervention Assessment


Our Restrictive Intervention and PMVA Assessments have been designed for employees who work within the care and mental health sector for example in hospitals, care homes, respite, schools, secure educational facilities, and prisons. It is imperative that employers ensure the physical safety of employees when required to perform a full range of restrictive intervention techniques, as well as the physical safety of colleagues and service users in their care. Our assessments provide clear information, and advice to remove any doubts about an employees’ capability to participate in these techniques safely.
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We work with organisations where the employees are mandated to attend specific training to prevent danger and injury when working with individuals with a range of mental health conditions.

Our purpose is not to declare an employee fit to perform restrictive intervention but to ascertain any physical risks to them undertaking the necessary training or carrying out the restrictive intervention techniques.


For the employer

Our clinic based, outcome measure lead physical assessment is robust in its capacity to establish functioning following MSK illness or injury. Employers can be fully confident that we can deliver a specific report of an employee’s ability to perform techniques restrictive intervention that are required for them to be within their normal working environment. We work with the organisation to fully understand the requirements and demands of the working environment and roles where restrictive intervention may be necessary, and which practical adjustments are operationally feasible for each role and/or organisation.

For the manager

Thorough assessment and reporting of specific capability related to restrictive intervention techniques permits managers to understand the individual’s fitness for work in a challenging and potentially dangerous environment. Where an employee is not physically able to complete restrictive intervention techniques because of physical illness or injury, we have the facility to provide physiotherapy and reassess at an appropriate point to reassure managers that the employee can return to full duties safely, and in a timely manner.

For the employee

Restrictive intervention and PMVA require employees to use specific movements, holds and postures. Our MSK experts are able to ascertain an employee’s physical ability to use the techniques and can recommend adjustments, and capability, to support the safety of all parties involved. We do not train employees in restrictive intervention but can provide guidance and advice on how to avoid injury and/or aggravating existing symptoms whilst participating in training or when using active intervention techniques in the workplace.

The aims of restrictive intervention are defined as implementing methods of Health and Safety to prevent and de-escalate situations whilst protecting a service user who may express themselves through challenging behaviour, aggression, or violence.

Our expertise, knowledge and insight helps us to assess an employee from a physical and functional perspective, specifically related to the demands of the professions within this sector. We provide reporting information regarding an employee’s ability to conduct the physical techniques and provide details of any adjustments to planned training courses or to real-life practice. We always consider the realistic application of undertaking restrictive techniques in a day-to-day working environment. We are not training people in restrictive techniques; we are assessing their ability to use these techniques appropriately and effectively without harming themselves or others.
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Restrictive Intervention Assessment FAQs

PMVA is the Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression and is a form of Restrictive Intervention used in many mental health settings to successfully deescalate potentially dangerous and/or violent incidences. We can assess the capability of employees involved in these requirements to establish any risks and report back to referring managers around any potential adjustments and/or restrictions that may support a successful and effective return to work.
The outcome of an assessment, as with any other occupational health referral will be a report which provides pragmatic, realistic, detailed and evidence-based advice around an individuals’ physical capability to perform Restrictive Intervention specific techniqu

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