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Physio Solutions has established an unrivalled platform of exercise and advice material to help restore function and fitness and maximal activity levels.
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Exercise therapy and rehabilitation programmes.

Physio Solutions rehabilitation experts have the knowledge and skill to support the journey to recovery through graded, specific, and supported exercise therapy. Our team has established an unrivalled platform of exercise and advice materials to help restore function and fitness and achieve maximum activity levels.
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Proven clinical outcomes

Exercise and posture play a huge role in the resolution, recovery from and prevention of acute injuries and conditions that require physiotherapy intervention.

Exercise therapy considers activity demands, individual tolerance and targets and goals to enable a tailored service with proven clinical outcomes of cardiovascular and physical fitness and capacity.


For the employer

A healthier workforce is more productive and has more energy. NHS UK explain that exercise reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, bowel cancer, breast cancer, early death, osteoarthritis, and hip fracture, and also reduces the risk of depression.

For the manager

An employee who is deconditioned as a consequence of illness, injury or poor lifestyle choices is at more risk of general ill health and musculoskeletal injury which can cause absence from work. Predominantly, exercise therapy is delivered in a group format, but 121 sessions can be delivered where clinically necessary or appropriate.

For the employee

Receiving supported exercise therapy specific and personalised to the individual, designed by our MSK experts ensures that any areas for concern are identified and worked on. We create bespoke plans that focus on progression and improvement, empowering independence, and good health in the long term.

Our online platform contains over 5,000 exercise files designed to help repair and strengthen each and every part of the body.

Our qualified and expert MSK clinicians can deliver robust exercise therapy sessions and provide each individual with their own unique, prescription for a home exercise programme to complete between sessions, with clear instructions and expert guidance to enhance the experience and support recovery from injury or illness.

In addition, each exercise therapy session promotes and signposts access to specific reliable and validated advice and coaching tools to educate on the correct movement, lifting and posture techniques that can help avoid a recurrence of injury. The system allows Physio Solutions Musculoskeletal Experts and Rehabilitation Specialists to tailor and personalise exercise and self-management programmes that are relevant to the individual and their condition.

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Exercise Therapy FAQs

Exercise therapy is targeted at joint or condition-specific rehabilitation in a group or 121 setting and applies the principles of strength and conditioning to load joints, promoting protection from further injury and longevity of recovery.
Exercise therapy is the design of an exercise programme created to specifically reduce pain through flexibility and strength and conditioning.

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