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Treating movement dysfunctions through Pilates movements which have been analysed, based on the core areas of pain, pathology and function.
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Pilates Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

APPI Matwork Pilates is a clinical Pilates based physical therapy exercise programme designed to improve participants movement and function in their everyday life through clinically reasoned, Pilates therapy rehabilitationand treatment plans. The APPI Matwork Pilates certified instructors at PAM Physio Solutions draw upon relevant clinical research, in an evidence-based approach to teaching Pilates in the clinical setting, without the need for specialised equipment.
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Pilates based physical therapy

The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) was established 20 years ago by Australian Physiotherapists, Glenn and Elisa Withers who studied, the ‘Clinical Relevance of Pilates Exercise for clients with Back and Pelvic Pain’ and established that the optimal benefits of Pilates exercises were not being achieved being due to the high levels of strength, control and body awareness required. A new form of Pilates which considered muscle function in relation to pain, movement control, and modification could be more successful in rehabilitation by supporting individuals from injury to fully fit and functional.

The Matwork Pilates training series is delivered throughout the world, dedicated to detailed and accurate Pilates’ teachings, and due to the degree level understanding of movement, anatomy and physiology required it is only available to Physiotherapists and clinically qualified Musculoskeletal experts. Experience and up to date knowledge of spinal stability, strength and conditioning, pelvic stability, and pain are essential in delivering a safe, effective, and individual programme of Pilates therapy designed to improve movement and muscle function.


For the employer

These rehabilitative sessions can be delivered in 1:1 or group settings, in-person or remotely, which increases accessibility. We can tailor the sessions to the requirements of the organisation, such as ante-natal, weights class, or even chair Pilates. Providing Pilates for rehabilitation sessions at work supports healing, promotes good health, and delivers a positive health and lifestyle message to the workforce, which can help to improve motivation and work productivity.

For the manager

Managers can support access to therapy specific exercise classes which will improve workplace health effectiveness and conduct. The benefits of a workforce that take active breaks and engage in the healthy activity is proven to improve afternoon performance and productivity.

For the employee

Being able to access rehabilitative activities within work encourages positive lifestyle changes and supports recovery from injury or dysfunction as well as preventing physical injury or pain. Becoming self-aware of muscular capability and function improves personal health and wellbeing and overall quality of life in the longer term.

Our programmes and therapy sessions focus on treating movement dysfunctions through Pilates based physical therapy sessions which have been analysed to address the core areas of pain, pathology, and function.

Although, these sessions can be of benefit to all employees, especially those performing physically demanding work, helping to build core strength and flexibility which is of benefit.

Pilates promotes the practice of specific movements for their ability to help us retrain a certain function. This means that Pilates is much more than just a way of toning physique, but is a research-based, clinical application of improving the way a person moves and functions in their everyday life.

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Matwork Pilates FAQs

APPI Matwork Pilates is a type of Pilates specifically designed to treat muscle imbalance and function related to physical illness or injury. It is more specialised than generic Pilates and therefore there is more dedication to rehabilitate an individual or very small group.
APPI Matwork Pilates has extremely positive outcomes in relation to rehab. Matwork Pilates instructors are trained to a very extensive level, undertaking years of training and exams to gain the experience necessary to deliver a clinically robust class either 121 or in a small group to focus on specific muscle retraining.

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