Physiotherapy Information Line (PhIL)

You can access expert advice on your musculoskeletal condition from a highly skilled and qualified clinician, supporting your best recovery.
Information and Advice Line
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Expedited MSK support, when you need it

The Physiotherapy Information and Advice Line provides rapid access to musculoskeletal (MSK) advice and intervention which includes signposting and MSK and psychological red flag screening to ascertain the cause of and likely prognosis for any painful or physically dysfunctional condition. We screen to ensure we approach the injury or condition in the most clinically robust, governed, and safe way, ensuring the most positive outcome and quickest access to all required interventions. It is an efficient, barrier-free method of accessing an effective MSK triage and assessment.
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Clinical triage is a process by which qualified experts assess and define the urgency, priority, and requirements of a condition.

Physio triage allows us to ensure employees receive the best level of care at the right time and in the right place. Contacting the Physiotherapy Information Line (PhIL) will provide expedited MSK support when needed, delivering the most effective and efficient method of receiving physio advice and musculoskeletal triage for any MSK disorder regardless of the condition.

Employees can access expert advice about musculoskeletal conditions from a highly skilled and qualified clinician, supporting their best recovery. Our MSK experts will assess the injury or health condition and then advise of ‘next steps’ such as hands-on, manual therapy treatment or signposting appropriately to GPs or primary care. Depending on the severity of the symptoms we can also make referrals for Urgent Care or for an investigative/diagnostic scanning.


For the employer

The PhIL service is quicker and more cost-effective than an initial face to face physio assessment, and it is equally as effective, if not more successful and gainful in achieving diagnosis and/or action planning. Early MSK triage and intervention will help to prevent the condition causing employee absence and support a speedy and sustainable return to work significantly reducing the cost of absence.

For the manager

The service provides managers with an easy and effective support option for employees experiencing MSK problems. Action reports advise of attendance and recommend next steps, and our online OHIO platform is easy to use. We also have the facility for employees to call us directly to self-refer, preventing any delays or obstructions to securing intervention.

For the employee

Employees receive swift access to expert advice. Individuals are guided through treatment to achieve a sustainable reduction in the impact of their problem which is of benefit at home and at work. Employee’s report feeling supported and valued by their employer and achieve an earlier return to fitness, function, and work.

Our team of experts create a unique treatment plan for each individual which is accessed via an advanced online platform. Every treatment plan contains exercises and high-quality resources to support and encourage recovery and achieve rehabilitation.

Our clinicians are able to provide clear, easy-to-understand information about the injury or diagnosis to enable empowerment of the individual and to focus on self-care which can help to allay any worries or anxiety. We remain in regular contact with participants during the course of their plan to monitor progress, review pain levels and assess capability to perform the prescribed exercises. These review sessions provide an opportunity to offer additional support if required and can help to boost engagement and build confidence.

Our patients have reported a high level of satisfaction with how interactive and easy to follow our supported programmes are and how engaged they feel throughout their recovery journey.

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Information and Advice Line FAQs

A musculoskeletal triage service is service is a rapid access telephone service, accessible by our clients’ employees to enable them to gain advice, guidance, and support, related to their MSK issue or condition, direct from a fully qualified experienced and MSK clinician within 24 hours of referral.
Every organisation has their own internal process that they follow and we adhere in terms of referrals. Check with your manager or HR to find out how best to access your service in the most efficient way.
During a musculoskeletal triage service consult, we will ask you about your injury or condition, how long you’ve had it and about the symptoms you experience. We will also ask you about your general health and aim to discount any potential high-risk symptoms or signs of potential severe pathology. You should feel completely at ease with your physio; remember, all consultations are completely confidential.

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